Become the Center of your 
Horse's Universe 
July 26-30
October 18-22,
November 15-19

  • Can you image a horse that always says yes?
  • Setting your horse up to ride so you keep the calm connection
  • Finding calm connection in the saddle

Create a Yes Horse

  • The most common mistakes of body language & how to fix them
  • Liberty basics Demystified
  • Learn to glue your horse to you
  • An entire day of liberty play 
  • The power of positive reinforcement and how not to create a cookie monster 

Are You the Centre of Your Horse's Universe?

  • My #1 secret that is the root to all of my success with horses
  • Revealing missed opportunities for a better connection
  • Understand how to match your horse’s energy and why this changes everything
  • 3 exercises to get connected

Become the Focus to Your Horse

  • Overview of the Harmony Training Continuum
  • The 2 best exercises from Respect & Safety
  • The 3 exercises from Calm Connection to calm your horse
  • Private session to get you joined up with your horse

Let's Start From Scratch
5 Days of learning and 2 optional evening sessions

  • Adding Refinement to your ground work – shoulder in, bending, and balance without side reins or stress
  • The 3 S’s to continue progress
  • Improving our balance & position in the saddle so our horse is free to be a partner

Continued Progress

  • Optional extra sessions for success with obstacles
  • Ground work or Ride
  • Day 4: My first secret: building confidence
  • Day 5: My second secret: creating magnets

Day 4 & 5
Optional evening sessions
Schedule Details
  • Each day is 8:30am-4pm
  • 8:30-10am classroom, 12-1pm lunch, the rest of the day is group work with the horses, for some sessions we will divide into smaller groups and split the time
  • Day 1 includes a private session of join up. This day will run extra late to ensure everyone joins up. 
  • Day 1, 2, and 3 are ground work with no riding... that's because to truly get a better connection it starts on the ground
  • Day 4 & 5 have optional evening sessions to succeed with obstacles. These are only available for people in the course because success with obstacles starts with a great connection
Availability: July & October are sold out for participants, Auditor space only. We added a November course date. 

Partridge Horse Hill, 531 Hwy 35 in Pontypool, Ontario, L0A 1K0

Accommodation for you
Misty Valley Bed & Breakfast is around the corner on Waite Rd (2 min drive away and we can arrange carpool). Hotels within 20 minutes are located in Lindsay, Oshawa, and Clarington. You are also welcome to stay at the farm in your own tent/trailer. 

Accommodation for your horse
We have 7 stalls and two outdoor pens (one pen can have max 2 horses, the other could have max 3 horses). You will need to bring your own hay, grain & water buckets (the paddock will have a water trough).  
$897+HST includes lunches, snacks, and accommodation for your horse or using one of our horses. 
$150+HST for the optional evening sessions, or $80+HST for Day 4's evening session only (you can't do day 5 without doing 4). 
$350+HST for auditors for the 5 days, includes lunches. 

"If you truly want to experience my success with horses, this is how it begins." Lindsey Partridge
Your Teacher:
Lindsey Partridge
  • 2016 Trail & Freestyle Champion & 2015 Trail & Overall Winner at the International Thoroughbred Makeover Over. 
  • First trainer ever to win two titles at the Makeover. 
  • First trainer ever to have two horses make the top 3 in both their disciplines. 
  • Horse Trainer for the feature film Unbridled
  • Named "Canada's Horse Whisperer' by the Toronto Star. 
  • Named "The Queen of Thoroughbreds" by The Rider. 
  • Level 1 Centered Riding Coach. 
531 Hwy 35, Pontypool, Ontario, L0A 1K0